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    Just be. is a range of ethically made sustainable clothing from the highest quality natural fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton. Using luxury materials that have not been grown or treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides in their production. Garments that are ultra comfortable and have an extra long lifespan compared to regular cotton clothing. They are even bio-degradable so can safely dispose of them once you are finally finished with them.


    We also promote choosing your clothes carefully and aim for quality over quantity. Why buy more cheap shirts made in sweatshops that you only wear once or not at all and sometimes do not even last more than a few times in your washing machine. Instead choosing quality garments that you can wear as long as you like and feel good about wearing as no one had to suffer to make them for you.


      For those who care about where their clothes come from and the planet.


    BAMBOO: All of our Bamboo clothing is made up of a blend of 70% Bamboo Viscose and 30% Organic Cotton.

    Sustainable bamboo grows quickly and in abundance and requires little water to grow. Pesticides are not needed to protect the crops and therefore do not affect the farmer’s health either. Organic cotton is combined with bamboo for durability and longevity of the garments ( they can last 5-10 times longer than everyday cotton clothing ).

    Bamboo has a luxurious feel similar to silk. Incredibly breathable, bamboo is perfect for active lifestyles and fitness.

    Bamboo is naturally odour resistant as bacteria does not breed in the fabric.

    Ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

    Bamboo has a beautiful drape and wrinkles disappear soon after putting on your garments.




    ORGANIC COTTON: The majority of factory made clothing can be exposed to up to 8000 chemicals by the time it reaches you. All of our organic cotton clothing pass the strict Global Organic Textile Standards ( GOTS ).

    Harmful chemicals and pesticides are not used in any stage of the production process. Organic cotton has a long lifespan and is remarkably comfortable.   


    TENCEL: Eco-friendly and sustainable, Tencel is a natural, man made fabric that is lightweight and luxurious in feel.

    Wonderfully wrinkle resistant and drapes beautifully over the body. Ultra comfortable and breathable, Tencel dries quickly

    and is shrink resistant. Like all of our clothing, Tencel is biodegradable so can be safely disposed of or recycled.