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    Introducing our new Giveback Program Partner,

    At just be. we aim to make a positive impact and inspire change. That’s why we set up our Giveback program. Every six months, we choose a charity to support, from our own customers suggestions. These next 6 months our new give back partner will be Suicide Prevention Australia.

    Suicide Prevention Australia provides national leadership for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. SPA works collaboratively with companies to develop a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help, whilst amplifying the voices of people who have lived or been affected by the experience of suicide.
    While you shop, we’ll be showing our support.. with every $20 just be. purchase, we’ll give $3 to the cause. We are so humbled to contribute to raising awareness about mental health on both a local and international scale. We aim to help this awe inspiring cause as much as we can, so they can continue to bring people together through experience and unify them with hope. 




    The Australian Wildlife Conservancy..   
    Australia is home to more species than any other developed country! But... we also have the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of our surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction. That’s where The Australian Wildlife Conservancy steps in!
    For over 10 years, the experts at the AWC have been acquiring land and partnering with landowners to set up sanctuaries and protect the natural habitats of wallabies, numbats, bilbies, finches and wrens all across the country.
    For more information about AWC check out:

    In 2004, Scott Neeson gave up his Hollywood dream career to establish CCF and has been transforming Cambodia's most impoverished kids into tomorrow's leaders ever since. With every purchase of $20 or more, we will donate $3 to this excellent cause 



    Our dedication to the health and sustainability of the planet extends beyond how our products are made and the community at large. Giving back is the basis of what we are about and gets up in the morning eager to go to work.  

    As strong believers in doing business in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, we know that there is a much bigger picture than just making a profit. Everything we do has some impact in some way on our planet. More than ever it is easy to see the imbalances and sufferings on both a local and global level. Whether it's disease, environmental disaster or poverty, we all have the potential to contribute to help those in need and heal our world.

    Our Giveback Program chooses a different, unique Giving Partner for a 6 month period. With the aim to be fair and share the love we leave it up to our customers to nominate a new giving partner for the next period. Like a lottery, we will hand draw a winner. However we will not remove any of the nominations and will be put into the next and future draws. Each charity or social program must be a officially registered organisation otherwise will not be eligible. 

    Each purchase will help someone in need including wildlife. For every purchase over $20, we will donate, on your behalf $3 to the nominated charity/social or environmental cause. 

    Between January and June 2016 with the help of our customers, we supported the

    Fred Hollows Foundation.

    The selfless Doctor Fred Hollows worked tirelessly for decades with the help of other volunteer doctors to save and restore the sight of over 2 million people worldwide including Africa, Asia and to the Indigenous community right here in Australia.

    With over 32 million people in world who are needlessly blind, we celebrate the difference the Fred Hollows Foundation is making in the international community.

    To find out more go to 


    During January 2016 we ran a campaign to raise money to help raise money for the people and animals who suffered from the devastating fires in the Southwest of Western Australia. We donated 25% of sales in January to the WA BUSHFIRE APPEAL to aid the rebuilding of lives and rescue and recovery of livestock after the entire town of Waroona was destroyed by bushfires.

    We were moved by stories of numerous people donating their cars to the victims who lost everything and the relocation of horses and other animals  that managed to escape.


    Thank you to all those who purchased Just be. Apparel in January and helped to raise over $500.
    It's still not too late to help visit

    If you would like to nominate your preferred cause or charity,  go to the Contact Us page on the main menu and simply fill in your details and your nomination.