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    You are what you wear

    Whether you’re conscious of it or not, whether you wish to be or not - you are a part of the fabric of the fashion industry.

    Dr. Christina Dean is the Founder and CEO of Redress, an NGO with a mission to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. At just be. we share her passion for educating the public on the fashion industries pollution problem.

    This talk explains how easy it is for each of us, as consumers, to change the industry, when we choose to wear sustainable products, like just be. apparel.

    Sustainable fashion is a shared responsibility

    You, like most people, probably have a closet full of clothes, but do you know the facts about what’s in your wardrobe?

    A burnout and bankruptcy gave fashionista Willa Stoutenbeek a reason to think about where she was and where she wanted to go with her life. Sustainability was the answer.

    Make a choice, make a change, and shop sustainably in the shop section of our website.

    FashRev-It-Up: How you can do ethical fashion

    “It’s not just walking into a store and seeing a cute shirt - it’s understanding who made that shirt.”

    Join the movement to be mindful. At just be. we support everyone through out our supply chain - from cotton farmers to label production - we want you to know what you’re wearing.

    How to engage with ethical fashion

    What are you wearing right now.. no we don’t mean it that way. Do you know where your clothes come from?

    Clara Vuletich works with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them ask the right questions. She recently gave an eye opening TED TALK in Sydney.

    Shop with us to pick something you'll look great in, but feel good about too.

    Just be gives back to Cambodian Children's Fund

    Just be gives back to Cambodian Children's Fund

    Introducing our new Give Back program partner.. The Cambodian Children's Fund.

    In 2004, Scott Neeson, gave up his hollywood dream career to establish CCF and has been transforming Cambodia’s most impoverished kids into tomorrow's leaders ever since.

    Watch Neeson's interview on channel 10's The Project, below, to learn more and show your support by shopping, because over the next 6 months, every purchase you make over $20, leads to us giving $3 to this excellent cause.