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    At just be. we aim to make a positive impact and inspire change. That’s why we set up our Giveback program. Every six months, we choose a charity to support, from our own customers suggestions. These next 6 months our new give back partner will be Suicide Prevention Australia.

    Suicide Prevention Australia provides national leadership for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. SPA works collaboratively with companies to develop a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help, whilst amplifying the voices of people who have lived or been affected by the experience of suicide.


    While you shop, we’ll be showing our support.. with every $20 just be. purchase, we’ll give $3 to the cause. We are so humbled to contribute to raising awareness about mental health on both a local and international scale. We aim to help this awe inspiring cause as much as we can, so they can continue to bring people together through experience and unify them with hope.



    During July just be. took to Cambodia to work as part of the Clean Water and Toilet Project with Now Yoga. Our founder Jason Pachol, said the trip and volunteering was a moving and eye opening experience.

    Proper sanitation and hygiene is a big issue in Cambodia and many families do not have their own toilets. With the money raised, around 30 toilets will be supplied to villagers around Siem Reap.

    Thanks to fundraising with Go Fund Me and movie nights, selling jams and just be. organic clothing, Pachol’s group ensured the program was a big success, raising a staggering $16000.

    The trip for volunteers ran over a week and aside from visiting the villages, there were daily yoga and meditation sessions, tours of Angkor Wat and other temples, the floating village and more. Pachol tells “The trip was all about positive and active participation, and so many friendships were forged”. If this has you interested in volunteering as part of a group mission please visit and get involved.

    Collab with Yoga Tribe NZ

    Collab with Yoga Tribe NZ

    At Just be. we are excited that our work in NZ is moving in leaps and bounds, as this month we will be joining forces with NZ based brand Yoga Tribe, at Wanderlust 108 in Auckland. On April 29 festival goers will take part in a 5k run or walk, yoga classes, and meditation, as well as boogie along to DJ sets and indulge in some tasty food as they browse through the festivals stalls. We will be running one such stall as a collaboration, Just Be X Yoga Tribe, selling ethical and organic yoga mats, merchandise and activewear, and spreading the good vibes.
    We can’t wait to team up with our new soul siblings at Yoga Tribe, who are a leading NZ supplier of sustainable yoga and wellbeing products and services. They are strong believers in collectively working towards a state of mindfulness over materialism, and the importance of environmentalism. We think this partnership is meant to be.



    We’re big believers in the incredible power of rallying together with shared intention.

    After last years success with the Wanderlust Festival in Threadbow, NSW, we’re thrilled to be heading to Wanderlust in Lake Taupo, NZ, from the 2nd to the 5th of February. Once there our stall will work in collaboration with the alternative eco health brand, Lily Earth. Lily Earth is local to NZ and we’re honoured to work in harmony with this ethical company.

    Just be. Apparel also has high hopes for the 2017 International Yoga Festival next month. The festival, which will take place on Kawai Purapura’s beautiful 19-acre native bush on the outskirts of Auckland, is a full weekend of yoga and wellness immersion for all ages.

    Yoga teachers will assemble from around the world to create a space where we can experience yoga as an evolutionary way of life, as ecstatic aliveness, as a radical freedom.

    Run by a team of dedicated volunteers, the festival will hold over 100 yoga, music, dance performances and classes, as well as activities for the kids. The uplifting, world-class teachers play their part in to coaching you through various workshops and activities that will open your heart, so you feel a constant support and guidance, making the festival a great weekend for beginners and practiced yogi’s alike.

    Just be. Apparel will be holding a stall over the entire weekend, aiming to educate festival goers on the importance of ethical shopping and natural, earth friendly materials. We can’t wait!

    If we’ve peaked your interest in Wanderlust take a look at  OR if you’re interested in the International Yoga Festival take a look at


    Good vibes and intentions were on everyones radar at the Heart Your Body Day Retreat at Matisse Beach Club on the 7th of January.
    Founder, Jason Pachol brought Just be.Apparel along for the unforgettable day, which featured a presentation by Body Confidence Expert Dr. Katherine, food for thought from Rawpublic and yoga practice guided by the Heart Your Body duo. The day was filled with expert advice on how to live a healthy holistic life, as well as affirmations to motivate and instill a just be. mind set. Pachol says ‘I was ecstatic to see the amount of people embracing and contributing to a community which aims to support and nurture one another to be both physical and mindful every day.’
    Heart Your Body’s next event will be held on the 11th of February, from 5.30pm - 7.30pm at Scarborough Amphitheater. It’s a FREE yoga and affirmation class, so there really isn’t a reason not to come down and give yourself the gift of feeling good.
    Take a look at for more details.